In a previous article, we wrote about the reasons why you might want to consider quitting your job. Most of these ideas revolved around practical, measurable criteria  –  Salary increases, commute time, career growth opportunities, etc.

It might be time to leave if you’re experiencing feelings or gnawing realities that can ultimately, affect your overall physical and emotional health.

  • Do you feel burned out, anxious, and/or stressed about your job? Stress can cause many health complications, including heart disease, high blood pressure, and even obesity and diabetes.
  • Is your work environment toxic?  i.e. Poor leadership, and unhealthy corporate politics.
  • Do you feel that your self-confidence is at risk?
  • Is your work-life balance unsatisfactory? 
  • Does your job fulfill your emotional and/or spiritual needs?

When thinking about leaving your job, it’s worth considering how your current job affects you emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Make a decision that makes sense for you on all levels.

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