Make ageism a nonissue by employing strategies to overcome this bias:

  • Only detail the past 10 years of experience on your resume
  • Replace statements about your years of experience with expressions of enthusiasm: “this is my area of expertise”, or “this is what I love to work on.”
  • Don’t volunteer information that indicates your age, i.e., don’t talk about your child’s college.
  • Stay up to date with innovations and stay curious about new approaches in your industry.
  • Commit to a healthy mind and body. Adopt popular activities that you can share such as hiking, biking or surfing.
  • Project a nonhierarchical approach. Avoid discussions of titles, management realms, or subordinates. Areas that are no longer relevant in collaborative work environments.

You don’t need to wear a hoodie and All Birds but try to avoid dated styles in your wardrobe and accessories.