Grab a pen, and write the word “Attitude” at the top of a page of paper, in fairly big letters. Underneath each letter, write the number value for that letter. For example, a “1” for “A” and “20” for “T”.

Spoiler alert. What you’ll find is that, if you add up all those numbers, you get the sum…100. A positive attitude is 100% of what you need to do to succeed in whatever the challenge. To stay positive for the stressful circumstances of a job search, keep in mind the following tips:

  • Create a productive and positive space for working on your job search
  • Don’t internalize rejection; let go and move on to the next opportunity
  • Maintain that positive mindset; focus on what you’re learning and how you’re growing
  • Give yourself grace; no one’s perfect, and that’s not even the goal
  • Surround yourself with positive people; protect your energy

Next week, we’ll talk about how staying curious during your job search can create dialogue and open up doors. For more tips and hints on how to keep a positive mindset, visit our website