Profiles with photos are proven to generate more attention from recruiters than those without. But if your photo isn’t professional you’re sending the wrong message.

  • Use the portrait function on your camera for the best resolution for face photography.
  • Never use family photos, dating site photos or group photos. The image should be of only you, and only from the chest up.
  • Use a plain, neutral background and 
  • Dress professionally. Wear clothes that are appropriate for the position you desire. No sunglasses, no hats.
  • For a natural smile, have a friend or family member take the photos while telling you an amusing story. And don’t snap just one or two – try to have at least 20 or 30 to choose from.
  • Once you have the perfect photo, play close attention to its placement on your Profile page. Ensure that the placement hasn’t chopped off the top or bottom of the photo