LinkedIn is the most powerful social network on the planet for professionals. You already know you need an attractive headshot, but did you know each time you post on LinkedIn you exponentially increase your personal visibility?

  • Each time you post all of your contacts are notified. They in turn can like and share your post. 
  • You will reach a much broader audience each time a contact reacts to your post. Everyone of their contacts are notified, and on and on.
  • Keep an eye out for quality, useful, and interesting content that you can post to LinkedIn. Each view by a contact will promote a sense of familiarity and trust.
  • Create recurring reminders in your calendar to post new content regularly.  
  • LinkedIn is not the place for political, religious, or other types of opinion-based content. Focus on content that is related to your field of work. 

Remember, keep it fresh. By having a static LinkedIn page, you are missing your best opportunity to stay relevant and front-of-mind with your professional network.