Face it, remote hiring is here to stay. Invest the time to create a professional environment before your first video interview. 

  • Download the app and ensure it is operating properly. Your username is displayed so ensure it is professional. Record a test run with a friend.
  • Know how to use the software: you need to seamlessly join the call, mute when others are talking, and exit the call. 
  • Check and adjust lighting and audio prior to the call. Arrange your background so that it is neutral and uncluttered. Check to make sure you are not too close to or far from the camera.
  • Adjust the camera approximately at your hairline and angled slightly downward towards your eyes.
  • Anticipate distractions: no kids, animals or noises should be seen or heard. Mute your phone.
  • And since Most if not all interviews are being conducted on Zoom these days go ahead and splurge – you will need it for your interviews. Gents buy a great white shirt. Ladies try a lovely stylish scarf. 
  • Sit upright, shoulders back, feet on the floor. Dress in interview appropriate attire and speak confidently.
  • Have your accomplishments and questions for the interviewer nearby.