Most people dread the job search process. For better or worse, technology is also making things less personal. Between ATS, video interviews…ghosting…it can be hard to stay positive. But, you absolutely need to keep the right mindset.

Here are some factoids that might help you keep things in perspective:

  1. Know your value – own it and articulate it fluently.
  2. Work with a coach who knows today’s job search space.
  3. Work smart – don’t waste time sending out random resumes. Instead, be strategic by targeting companies and people to create a professional network and increase your visibility.
  4. Manage your fears. You can do this!
  5. Stay curious. Ask questions and create conversations.

Only 2% of resumes submitted get to the interview stage. Every conversation you have with someone is a win. Even if you don’t get an interview or job offer, you’ve expanded your professional network. When you leave a good lasting impression, you never know when your paths might cross again, and the perfect opportunity presents itself.

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