Remote hiring practices are here to stay. Preparation is key.

  • Download whatever app you’ll be needing. Make sure it’s operating properly.
  • Use a professional username, as it’s displayed during the call.
  • If you’re not familiar with the video call app, test it with a friend first. Practice joining the call, muting when others are talking, and exiting the call.
  • Adjust lighting, camera view, and audio prior to the call. Make sure the background behind you is neutral and uncluttered. Sit so that you’re not too close, nor too far from the camera. When possible, have the camera located at, or just above eye level.
  • Prepare for any potential distractions, including noise from children, animals, or other disruptions. Don’t forget to mute your phone.
  • Sit upright, with your shoulders back, and feet on the floor. 
  • Have your accomplishments and questions at hand.

Video interviews, when done right, can show off your level of professionalism and preparation. For more information and tips on how to shine during a job interview, contact us: