You’re doing well in the interview process, and it’s clear that they’re interested, and so are you. Now what?

When negotiating the terms and conditions of your new job, it’s important to proceed strategically and carefully.

  • Timing is everything. Don’t discuss salary – let them bring it to the table.
  • If, however, they ask about your expectations, a simple answer like, “It might be too soon to discuss specifics, but my research shows that a range of ____ to ____ seems appropriate. Is that in the ballpark?”
  • Research salary range for the organization and position, as well as perks and benefits, in advance.
  • Understand that some things are negotiable, and others aren’t, depending on the organization.
  • Know what you need (must haves) versus what you want (would be nice), prior to beginning negotiations.
  • Prepare how best to communicate and justify your needs and wants.
  • Never negotiate by email. A real-time conversation typically reinforces what they already like about you.
  • Make sure to consider non-monetary benefits like flex scheduling, remote work, stock options, signing bonuses, PTO, car, or childcare allowance.

REMEMBER: There is more to negotiating a job offer than just salary.  Want more help? Schedule a free 15-minute consultation.