Always start with the basics:

  • Did you make a great first impression by arriving early and dressing appropriately?
  • Did you prepare in advance to make sure you didn’t have any technology issues?
  • Did you research the company, interviewer, and opportunity, and have quality questions prepared?
  • Did you establish rapport versus just regurgitating your resume?
  • Are you comfortable and ready to answer “behavioral questions” commonly used during interviews?     

Keep in mind, “failure” is inevitable when looking for a new job.  However, view interviewing as a numbers game that has to be played and you always have to put in your best effort.

The most qualified candidates often don’t get hired. Why? It is out of your control.  Maybe there was an internal candidate given priority, or it could be unexpected budget constraints that eliminated the position. Perhaps the candidate had already been chosen, and other interviews were just a formality.

Shake it off, and charge onward!

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