You’ve been contacted by a recruiter – music to your ears? Maybe…maybe not.

Sure, it’s flattering to get a call from a “recruiter,” but not all recruiters are created equal. You should learn everything you can about how they work.

  1. Do they specialize in your industry and area of expertise?
  2. How successful and how long have they been working in your field?
  3. How do they collaborate with their candidates?
  4. Do they give you timely information and feedback? From interview preparation to post-interview feedback, we’ve got you covered at Job Seekers’ Edge.
  5. How many clients do they usually work with at once?
  6. Which companies do they typically work with?

You are in charge of your personal brand. You need to ensure that it’s not diluted by a “recruiter” sending your resume to companies or opportunities that aren’t a good fit.

Don’t settle for mediocre recruiter experiences. Connect with Job Seekers Edge and access timely information and feedback that propel your career forward!