Whether you are interviewing for an opportunity or moving into a new role, you may be required to take an assessment.

The four most common are:

  1. Behavioral assessment – responses describe how a person might show up in the workplace and whether they are the right fit for the demands of the job. It’s one natural behavior, i.e.  Introvert/Extrovert – Fast paced/Steady, Rule Follower/Risk Taker. Examples: Myers-Briggs, DISC, Predictive Index.
  2. Emotional Intelligence Assessment – shows self-perception, self-expression, decision making, stress management, and interpersonal skills.
  3. 360 Degree Assessments – gathers feedback from different vantage points – peers, direct reports, bosses.
  4. Cognitive Assessments – determine how quickly one can learn (if change is constant in an organization, rapid learning is important.)

Understanding these assessments helps with hiring and employee development, so it’s best to be yourself.