There’s no need to dread the “Tell me about yourself” question. Shape your response into a captivating narrative that will have potential employers wanting to know more.  Your response can be your own “secret weapon” for success.

As always, practice and prepare. You want to create a positive and compelling picture of yourself. Here are a few tips:

  • Avoid repeating what is on your resume – they have it.
  • Be brief in your story, and don’t get too deep into your personal life.
  • Share personal attributes that align with the role. E.g., “I’m involved in Vistage (or other leadership organizations),” or “I enjoy competitive sports.”
  • Align your personal activities with the job responsibilities. “I am an Eagle Scout leader,” “I’m on the board of a local non-profit,” or “I coach my child’s soccer team.”

Remember to take a breath, and pause appropriately. Avoid the “data dump.”

Don’t leave your career to chance. Seek out personalized guidance from and prepare yourself to outshine the competition in your next interview.