As another year ends and a new one begins, this is a good time to reflect and take action on your leadership resolutions. 

  • Take classes to hone your skills as a leader. Check into convenient educational apps and platforms.
  • Focus on your own self-improvement, personal and professional. Listen to quality podcasts and/or audiobooks, and keep a journal to track your goals and progress. When you work on yourself, there’s a natural spillover effect on every aspect of your life.
  • Improve communication and connections with your people. Look for ways to notice and acknowledge those on your team. Make acknowledgment frequent and genuine, not rewards-based.
  • Spend less time in meetings with your team. Spend more time working ON the organizational mission versus IN it. This will advance the mission.
  • Schedule important commitments in your calendar. Not tasks, mind you, but commitments like a day off, time to exercise, family and/or couple time, etc. This moves you from reacting to planning and balancing your time well.

As a leader, remember your team doesn’t work for you…you work for them. Leading by serving is a powerful way to build a productive and enjoyable culture for everyone on the team.

Happy New Year from the team at Job Seekers’ Edge.