It’s a Panel Interview – Not a Firing Squad

Relax. During a panel interview you will be answering questions from two or more people, and the panel will usually mirror the working environment of the open position. Co-workers from within the department and often people you will work with closely from other departments may be included. Also those you will answer to, and those that will answer to you.
It’s a wonderful opportunity for you to demonstrate how you will work with the team. Just remember a few simple strategies to nail the interview and get the offer:

  • Introductions: Nod, smile, and greet each person individually. Jot down the names in order of the seating arrangement so that you can refer to them by name each time they ask a question.
  • Adjust your chair as necessary to ensure that you are facing all participants.
  • Show grace under pressure: make eye contact and project confidence.
  • Stay neutral – show the same respect and consideration to everyone. Don’t gravitate to the higher-level managers.
  • Finally, thank each person individually for their time.