“Hi, I’m Chris Roberts” — Four Simple Tips for Your Elevator Pitch

Elevator pitches are an important component of your job search. You will be networking with friends, acquaintances, industry peers, screeners, interviewers and casual encounters during your search. Your pitch should be carefully crafted to propel the conversation to the next level. Be direct and clear about what you want to achieve from the conversation and turn you brief monologue into an ongoing dialog. Tell the listener enough compelling information about yourself to pique their interest.

What are you passionate about? — “I find it really exciting to apply new technology to old problems, in my case developing digital automation solutions for the SMB market.”

Define your destination — “I am looking for my next opportunity with a progressive company where I can put my design skills to work to create a favorable impact.”

Have a backstory — “I have been working in a startup company that has grown 20% in its second year by implementing my new design technology.”

Bring it together — “I am hoping to find a small, progressive company that values innovation and where I can use my experience and expertise while continuing to expand my knowledge and my role with the organization.”