Zoom Fails are Funny — Unless You’re the Subject
 Create the Perfect Professional Environment for your Video Interview

Now, and for the foreseeable future companies will be hiring remotely. Take the time to create a professional environment for your video interview:

  • Download the app and make sure it is operating properly. Record a test run with a friend.
  • Know how to use the software. You need to be able to join the call without fumbling or searching for controls. Be sure you know how to use the mute button.
  • Use a professional Zoom name.
  • Correct any lighting and audio issues ahead of time. Utilize the “touch up my appearance” feature to improve image quality.
  • Backgrounds should be clean, uncluttered, and neutral. Check that you are not too close or too far from the camera.
  • The camera should be approximately at your hairline and angled slightly downward towards your eyes.
  • Anticipate background distractions — eliminate noises or disturbances from people, pets, or machinery. Mute your phone.
  • Sit up, shoulders back, feet on the floor, and wear your best interview attire. Speak with confidence, energy and volume.
  • Have your cheat sheet of accomplishments and questions for the interviewer at your side.
  • If possible, record your interview for future reference.