Don’t Be the Last to Leave the Party — How Long is Too Long to Stay at One Company?

It’s easy to settle in and stay. After a few years, your job may feel as comfortable as an old pair of slippers. But consider the indirect cost of staying in a position too long:

  • Most companies limit annual raises to less than 5% — after a few years, you will fall behind the average pay scale for your position.
  • Unless your employer is the leader in your industry you may lag behind your peers in innovative knowledge and skills.
  • With a very long tenure, you may be perceived as lacking initiative or stuck in your ways.
  • Even if you’ve been on a promotion fast-track, you may be seen as a big fish in a small pond with a one-company philosophy and a very narrow network.

Remember, you can be safe or be special. Maybe it’s time to make the leap and boost your career momentum.