Was It Something I Said? What to Do When You Get Interviews But Not Offers

Remember, It often has nothing to do with your interview performance. Perhaps there was an internal candidate given priority, or unexpected budget constraints eliminated the position or an earlier candidate was already selected and your interview was just a formality – shake it off and charge onward!

  • But, if you believe there may be something you could have done differently, consider:
  • Bad first impression. Did you arrive late or dress inappropriately?
  • Did you stumble on the behavioral questions? This very common interview technique carries a lot of weight when determining if you are the right “fit.”
  • Did you do your research? Dive deep before you show up – look for press releases, news searches, top executive LinkedIn postings, etc.
  • Did you bring a plan? Exactly how are you going to solve the company’s problem(s)?
  • You just weren’t well prepared. Reciting your resume and failing to establish rapport will sink your chances.