Never Getting Asked to Dance? Some Likely Reasons you Aren’t Getting Interview Requests

It can be so discouraging. You’ve sent scores of resumes and still haven’t gotten an interview. Step back and re-evaluate your strategy:

  • Maybe you really aren’t qualified. Avoid disappointment – don’t apply if you lack the necessary qualifications.
  • You are cutting-and-pasting the same resume into every application. You haven’t optimized your resume for the position.
  • Your resume is a list of job descriptions. Rewrite with a focus on your accomplishments.
  • You are using websites and job boards to find a position. Developing and leveraging your network is a better strategy.
  • Gaps in your work history aren’t explained?
  • Your resume is not formatted properly. Machines are sorting and prioritizing candidates. A bad format will push you to the bottom of the stack.
  • Recruiters may scan your social media accounts for red flags. Be sure to scrub any controversial content before you apply.

If you’ve applied for 50 jobs and haven’t had an interview it is time to ask a friend or a career coach for help!