Grace Under Pressure—Demonstrating Your Emotional Intelligence in the Interview

Having solid technical skills is important but it is the intangibles that will push you to the top of the applicants. Emotional Intelligence: attitude, creative problem solving, influence and persuasion, these are the personality traits that you will need to display:

  • Read the room-mirror the mood and energy. Look for attentiveness, direct eye contact, and emotional engagement.
  • Listen intently and ask questions.
  • Always be honest and sincere. Be confident, but don’t be afraid to use self-effacing humor to connect and charm.
  • Avoid pretentious language or affectations, management platitudes, and acronyms.
  • As you detail your successes and accomplishments, remember to credit your teams as well as yourself. Balance the I’s with the We’s.

Many applicants meet baseline experience and education requirements but the offer goes to the person that demonstrates that they and emotional intelligence and are a great cultural fit.