Sometimes You Need to Move On to Move Up

You are a great employee but still may not have any upward mobility in your current position. The more proficient and seasoned you become, the fewer promotions become available. Commonly this is because:

  • There simply aren’t many positions at the next level in your organization.
  • Your boss is content and not interested in a higher level position.
  • Your boss does move on but there are multiple qualified and long-tenured employees competing for the job.
  • A promotion requires an unattractive relocation.
  • You joined the company in a junior role and even though your performance is exemplary, management does not perceive you as a candidate for the higher position.

It’s time to switch gears and expand your search. Polish up the resume and showcase your expertise with particular attention to transferable skills such as leadership, management, mentoring, problem-solving, strategy, and team building. Delete the experience that doesn’t align with the job you want.