Interview Videos — Be Ready For Your Close up

It is increasingly common for employers to ask for a video-recorded interview. Present your best self by following a few important tips:

  • Check the Technology — ensure connections, power, audio, and lighting are all working properly.
  • Stage the Video — choose a clean, neutral, quiet location free of clutter and distractions. Check the lighting and camera angle. The shot should be straight on and show you only from the chest up.
  • Practice — if you are given the questions in advance practice and critique your video in exactly the setting you will be using.
  • Dress Appropriately — the same professional clothing you would wear to an in-person interview.
  • Sit up straight, look at the camera, and smile. Do not watch yourself on the screen and avoid hand gestures.
  • If you make a mistake don’t panic, simply apologize quickly and move on.

Always conclude with thanks for the interview and then follow up with an email or phone call.