Nail the Interview




Nail the Interview

How confident are you in your interview skills? Likely you have experience interviewing others, but, it may have been awhile since you were on the other side of the table. Will relying on your instincts be enough to nail the interview? If you found a great job, got the attention of the hiring manager and managed to get an interview scheduled, don’t miss a great job opportunity because you haven’t prepared for the interview.

Two Phase Plan of Action

Phase 1: Interview Prep

  • We share best practices for different interviewing methodologies and how to prepare.
  • Use our tips for creating a compelling elevator pitch to open the interview.
  • Get beyond the basics: what you should know before going in for the interview. 
  • Learn how to use the interview to confirm what you need to know apart from the job description, including culture, work style, and shared values.
  • Master parity in the interview to ensure it is not one-sided. 

Phase 2: Mock Interview

  • Review STAR scenarios that highlight your expertise.
  • Rehearse your elevator pitch.
  • Practice answering surprise questions that are difficult to anticipate.
  • If needed, prep for answering awkward questions about work gaps, short tenures and apparent job hopping.

The single biggest asset for a winning interview is confidence. Preparation enriches confidence.

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