Long the realm of sales and venture capital professionals, the classic “elevator pitch” is just as important for your job search. After all, you’ll be networking with friends, acquaintances, and peers. Include interactions that you’ll have during casual encounters, and formal meetings with interviewers, a strongly crafted elevator pitch can quickly communicate your strengths and career objectives in almost any situation.

Step 1: Show passion and enthusiasm for what you do.

“I just love what the right technology can do for an organization.”

Step 2: Highlight your unique qualities and achievements.

“I increased sales by 20% in my region,” or “I developed automations that increased open rates by 50%.”

Step 3: Say what you want.

“I’m ready to move into a position where I can be a significant contributor to the growth and profitability of a company like XYZ, Inc.”

Step 4: Craft a call to action.

“Let’s discuss this further. Can we set up a time next week?”

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