Humans have been making snap judgments since infancy: studies show babies will crawl towards the smiling stranger. Your interviewer isn’t much different, she will favor the candidate that gives the best first impression.

  • Be Punctual – Allow extra time to check your appearance, review the job description, prepare your questions and practice a quick relaxation technique such as deep breathing.
  • Have your questions ready – the questions you ask during an interview are just as important as the ones you answer.
  • Dress appropriately – know how the company executives dress and emulate their style. Avoid bright or flashy clothing and accessories.
  • Make eye contact and smile! If you project enthusiasm and friendliness, the interviewer will get a positive impression of you as a person.
  • Rehearse and memorize phrases that emphasize your strengths as they relate to the job requirements. Learn everything you can about the company before the interview.