Remember, it may have nothing to do with your interview performance.  Maybe there was an internal candidate given priority, or unexpected budget constraints eliminated the position or a candidate was already chosen and your interview was just a formality – shake it off and charge onward!

But, if you believe there may be something you could have done differently, consider:

  • Did you have a bad first impression.  Did you arrive late or dress inappropriately?
  • Did you have technology issues that could have been avoided if you were prepared?
  • Did you fail to do your research on the company, interviewer, or opportunity?
  • Did you fail to establish rapport and just regurgitated what was on your resume?
  • Did you come prepared with cogent questions?  Did you ask them in a timely manner?
  • Did you get tripped up by the behavioral questions?  This common interview technique carries a lot of weight when determining if you are the right “fit”.